Log Building

Stripped Log

Fell a stand of suitable trees, strip off their bark and then, by scribing each log seamlessly to the last and cutting it out by hand, stack the trees into a solid and magnificent structure. This, in essence is log building.

As a trade, log building has was created out of necessity. A means of building with the natural materials around you. As time has gone by, and techniques have developed, log building has become an art form.

At British Log Cabins we pride ourselves on our log building skills, and are among the most experienced and knowledgeable log builders in the UK. The attention to detail in our log-work is second to none, our team is trained with quality and accuracy as a priority, ensuring that you get the best product possible.



The most common style of log building that we use is the Scandinavian saddle notch method (pictured) or Rams head notch variation. These saddle notch methods are by far the most extensively used method of full scribe log building and are widely considered to be the the best due to their tightening under downward loading and allowance for movement in the timbers.

Saddle notch


Due to the interlocking nature of the log cabin, the intricate notches used, and the fact that the natural shape and size of the logs is maintained the handcrafted cabin is a stunning natural structure that will last for hundreds of years.

Building with the raw material means that unique features can be created. Root balls and limb junctions offer a great opportunity to make the most of the natural beauty of the tree. Western Red Cedar in particular offers great aesthetics with its large fluted butts.

The beauty of full-scribe log building methods is that every knot, hollow and contour of the log below is precisely fitted to the log above, creating seamless, air-tight joints throughout the building.



With meticulous attention to detail in all of our log-work the finished product is absolutely stunning with massive logs faultlessly joined with minimal tolerance.

Our cabins are used for woodland shelters, workshops, log homes (built to full UK building regulations) or outbuildings such as pool houses or luxury summerhouses. If you can think of a design then we can build it in logs!