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Design Studio

Abraham Lincoln, probably the most famous person to live in a log cabin once said “give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. 

The delivery of a successful project is rooted in the design. At British Log Cabins we understand the importance of getting your design right which is why all of our architectural drawing packages include unlimited revisions.

Because we have an in-house design team, log building methodology and construction techniques are considered from the outset, including structural and energy design. The same team that designs your home also produces the detailed drawings for the construction phase. This allows a smooth workflow from pencil to chainsaw. 

Any size, shape and style from traditional frontier designs to contemporary combinations of timber, glass and stonework. Our staff will work with you to develop your design brief and bring your project to life.

£1400 + vat

Log Home Design

Architectural log home design based on your design brief to include scaled floor plans and elevations for planning submission and construction approval

£740 + vat

Custom Mobile Home

A custom design based around the constraints of The Caravan Act including 2D floor plans and elevations for construction approval

£335 + vat

Garden & Home office

Home office or garden cabin designs including floor plans and elevations for construction approval.

£60/hr + vat

Commercial / Complex

Please be in touch for project based pricing for complex designs such as multiple level buildings on sloping blocks

£60/hr + vat

Building Regulations

Detailed building regulations drawings can either be paid for on our basic hourly rate or can be priced per project based on your unique project specification

£320 + vat

3D Rendering / CGI

Want to see how your cabin design looks and feels before taking the next step, our 3D visualisations really help in imagining the space (price per view, min. 2 views)


Structural Calculations

Log-work calculations are included in the price of your log building. If you need calculations for foundations and other elements they are priced by project

£440 + vat


SAP calculations, Energy Performance Certificate and log building specific thermal design for building regulations Part L (required for log home construction)

Design Scrapbook

See below a scrapbook of our designs and renders to give you inspiration for your own log home or log cabin project, feel free to download and scribble on these to help with the beginnings of your design brief.

We are currently organising our back catalogue and will continue to publish log home plans weekly in this gallery.

Let's talk

We are crazy about log building. If you want to hear our infrequently coherent ramblings about all things log cabins and log homes sign up below, if not, we understand. This obsession can be contagious.

If you just want to get straight to the point and get us to put pencil to paper designing your dream home just get in touch.

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