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Pricing & Inclusions

Overview of our products and prices

Log Building Packages

We offer two levels of completion for log homes and log cabins; Log Work Only and Sealed Shell.

This allows for flexibility of inclusions and budget.

Every project is different and with bespoke builds come bespoke pricing solutions. Please get in touch and we can discuss the level of completion that is best suited to your needs.


Log Work Only

Swinney Wood Cabin - Handcrafted by Brit

Sealed Shell

You: The project manager.
A log-work only package includes just that, the handcrafted log-work, erected to international log building standards on your site, ready for you and your construction team to take the project through to completion with our consultation on finishing details specific to log building.

Sealed shell: Our most popular contract.

We provide the log work, roof and energy efficient doors and windows so that you can take the project to completion with a roof over your head. We offer options on roof finishes and door & window materials. 


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