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Log Homes

Living in Nature

Handcrafted Log Home by a lake BLC.jpg


Log Homes have a negative carbon footprint, actually reducing the carbon in the atmosphere

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Quality is our priority. We build 5* accommodation around the UK, utilising state of the art inclusions


Log building is a labour of love. The passion that our craftsmen have for their trade is visible in the finished product.

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Purposeful Design

Flexible construction methods allowing practical, beautiful, architectural home designs.

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Low Site Impact

All log homes are pre-built at our dedicated log building facility in Powys, reducing time spent on site

Swinney Wood Log Cabins by British Log C

Building Regulations

We are experts in developing building specifications which surpass current UK building regulations

Modern Log Homes

Where traditional construction methods meet cutting edge building technologies

Chalet log home by British Log Cabins UK

Natural Living

A living, breathing building exuding all of the physical and emotional benefits of being in nature

Hoo Farm Log Cabin Home.jpg

Why build with logs?

The log home industry has taken off recently in step with the rural escapism trends of the past decade, accelerated by the current social situation around the pandemic.

Handcrafted log homes are the top shelf when it comes to natural sustainable building.

High Occupancy Rates

As a holiday rental, log homes are to rural holidays what sea views are to a beach break...they are the first to be rented out and have the highest occupancy rate. 

We have conducted extensive research into the 'staycation' market in the UK which was rising dramatically prior to the impacts of Brexit and Covid.

The trend towards domestic and particularly rural holidays in the UK is rising faster than BitCoin in 2021.

read our recent blog post here

Log Cabin at Swinney Wood natural balust


Log homes are resilient to extreme events. Due to the weight of the logs and the flexibility and structural integrity of the interlocking construction method, a log built home will withstand strong winds and earthquakes much better than more rigid construction methods.

In a fire, logs char, smothering the flames, a log home is much harder to burn down than a conventionally built timber frame home, which is kindling by comparison.

Log homes also do well in the damp climate of the UK, breathing, moving and adapting to fluctuations in temperature and moisture content of the environment. A properly built and maintained log home will last for centuries.

full scribe weathered log cabin.JPG

Carbon Footprint

Turning back the clock on the planet, one cabin at a time. Our log homes have low embodied energy through minimal transport of raw materials from local sources. 

Further, as the trees in your log home grew in the woodland they breathed in and stored (sequestered) carbon from the atmosphere, this carbon is then locked away in the walls of your home. Meanwhile, the trees planted to replace them continue to sequester more carbon.

Building handcrafted log homes literally improves the environment in a measurable way.

Real Log Cabin Scandinavian Saddle Notch

Renewable Materials

Climate experts agree that using renewable resources is the best way to protect the environment.

39% of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere comes from the building and construction industry.

The logs used in our log homes are strictly and exclusively sourced from sustainably managed woodlands around the UK. This means that at least as many trees are planted as are harvested to create your home.

Llangedwyn Log Cabin Home by British Log

Thermal Performance

The trees used in the construction of handcrafted log homes have an average diameter of around 450mm. These massive logs, combined with building techniques developed over centuries create a natural structure with excellent thermal properties.

The cellular structure of wood is a natural insulator. The mass of the log creates a thermal battery;  when it is cold outside, heat stored in the walls is radiated back into the room. In warmer weather, the solid timber walls absorb radiant heat keeping indoor temperatures lower. This creates a comfortable environment while reducing heating and cooling costs as well as the impact on the planet.


Occupant Health

Being in nature is scientifically proven to reduce anger, fear, and stress and increase good feelings. A natural living environment makes you feel better emotionally and contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. It may even help you to live longer...

Log homes and the environments in which they are constructed help people to embrace these effects, in fact the Japanese term shinrin-yoku coined in the early 80’s literally means forest bathing and is now prescribed by doctors to conquer stress.

Log Cabin Gable Balcony View Swinney Woo


Log homes are very quiet, creating remarkable acoustics. Log walls absorb some sound frequencies, but the acoustics are also improved by the shape of the logs which helps to distribute sound waves more evenly. 

Echo is reduced, keeping the sound bright and clean. Combined with well specified floor and wall coverings, the highest frequencies are modulated. Unlike a home with plaster walls, a log home can sound like a concert hall. Grab a glass, sit back and enjoy. Music never sounds better than in a log home.

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