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Mobile Log Cabins

Our NOOK range

Delivered in two halves, conforming to The Caravan Act

Handcrafted NOOK I Internal Mobile Log C

Mobile Log Cabins

A log home designed and built to be legally defined as a caravan. All of the benefits of a handcrafted log home but without the requirement for planning permission if sited in your garden.

NOOK II Custom - kitchen mobile home car

Complete Solution

Our log cabin mobile homes have many uses from holiday accommodation to aged care for family members or extra living accommodation they have also been used as home offices

The NOOK Range

Our ‘Nook’ mobile log home range can be constructed in any of our log cabin styles. Depending on access to the site, we can deliver the cabin in one or two pieces or we can complete construction on site

Nook II Log Cabin 2 Bedrooom mobile home

Log-Work Kit

Fast becoming our most popular option, we can provide you with just the log-work, either in kit form or delivered in two halves on a steel chassis, ready for you to fit out to completion

Handcrafted NOOK I Bathroom mobile home
Handcrafted NOOK I Bedroom Mobile Log Ca

Custom Design

We have standard designs available for our NOOK range but we understand that your log home dreams might be a little different, our design team can work with you to put together your ideal custom mobile home design

NOOK II Dovetail log cabin mobile home t

Custom Package

We offer options on log-work style, roofing material, doors and windows and inclusions, each project and specification is unique allowing your mobile log cabin to be just right

Mobile Home Planning

Whether you need planning permission for your mobile log home or not depends mostly on the proposed use. See our planning guide  for more information on whether you will require planning permission

Mobile Home Log Cabin Dovetail Nook II

VAT on Mobile Cabins

We offer our mobile log cabin range in log-work only or sealed shell completion (5% vat), and fully completed to meet British Standard BS3632, which is rated for vat at 0%

Custom Dovetail Nook II Internal

Log Cabin Mobile Homes

BLC has established a reputation for quality of workmanship and is on the cutting edge of where building regulations and sustainability measures meet with log buildings.

Developed in response to an increase in the popularity of ‘Log Cabin Holidays’ our Mobile Log Homes offer customers the ability to enter this fast growing market more economically and with more flexibility in planning.

The entire building is prefabricated off site in our log building yard on a specially designed chassis. The building comes complete including kitchen, bathroom suite, LPG boiler, radiators, and all internal finishes.

All that is required on site are suitable footings and waste, water and electric connections - A true plug and play, traditional log home.

The Nook is completed to a very high standard and exceeds the requirements of British Standard BS3632.

The building is delivered in two halves and re-joined on delivery reducing the impact of on-site construction works.

The rental yield of mobile log cabins is considerably high, proven by many of our customers. This is driven by the type of accommodation commanding not only higher pricing but also increased occupancy rates.

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