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Our Mission

To curate and train a passionate team to build inspirational, authentic timber and log homes for our clients while increasing recognition for the log building industry in the UK and developing sustainable building methods through continual research and development.

Who We Are

BLC was founded by Mart Cordingley and Dan Waring in 2008.  Their passion for log building, shared work ethic and sense of humour has formed a lifelong friendship and a sustainable business with a family-run feel. 

The company has taken them on a journey in log building and in business. Now they are surrounded by the largest team of professional log builders in the UK, each of whom is equally passionate about the trade and proud of what the company produces. 

The log building yard in Welshpool is headed up by Tom and Dave who run operations and staff training, creating a cohesive team spirit among the log builders, even in the depths of winter.

Jess and Gemma are on the end of all communications with the company and help to oil the wheels of everything that happens within it.

We are passionate about growing an engaged community around log building and in expanding the industry in the UK.

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