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The Ultimate Guide to Different Roofing Materials and Options for Your Home

There are a wide range of roofing options to choose from and the type of roof material you select will most likely fit best with the surrounding environment and landscape, or complement the other building materials used throughout your build.

Here are the standard roofing materials used by British Log Cabins:

Natural Slate

Nothing is better than a well sourced and properly fitted slate roof. Used in the UK since Roman times, this hardy roof covering is long lasting and has the look of pure quality,.

Cedar Single

Giving a lovely warm look to the building, Western Red Cedar shingles will last 30-50 years or more. We only use Blue label shingles at British Log Cabins which are 100% heartwood.


Blend completely into the natural surrounding with a sedum roof. This living green roof is low maintenance (no mowing required) and is also drought tolerant.

Clay Tile

Available in a variety of colours and blends, traditional clay tiles add a high quality and very durable finish. The colour options allow for a distinctive contrast with the log-work.

Profiled Steel Sheet

Profiled steel sheets come with a wide choice of colur and profile, with a hard plastic coating this will also stand the test of time.

Other Options

If you want something a little different you might also consider thatch, zinc, weathering steel, profiled slates or pan tiles. Whatever your choice, British Log Cabins are here to make your vision come to life.

Let us help build your dream log cabin

Dreaming of building your own log cabin? Then let us help you bring your dream to life. Whether it's a new home, guest house or garden office, British Log Cabins are here to bring your vision to live. Get in touch today.


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