• Ben

Log cabins as holiday lets

Updated: May 27

The UK domestic holiday market has always been big business with people keen to explore the many national parks, diverse landscapes, miles and miles of breathtaking coastline, castles, cathedrals and numerous areas of outstanding natural beauty that the country has to offer. In recent years however, with uncertainty around Brexit travel requirements and now on-going international travel restrictions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, the staycation market is booming. And with an increasing appetite for more environmentally-friendly, closer-to-home holidays, coupled with a surplus of disposable income for many, this is a trend that is likely to continue for some time to come.

Do log cabins make for good holiday lets?

The short answer to this is yes! And this is particularly true if your site is befitting of the log cabin vernacular - think woodland settings and rural locations where a log cabin would nestle effortlessly into its surroundings. When people think of forest locations in particular, this is likely to be the type of accommodation they envisage as they look for a world away from the suburban street many call home for the rest of the year. Indeed, the big holiday booking companies and websites cite ‘unique stays’ as some of the most sought-after properties on their books as people increasingly look for memorable, experiential vacations. For that reason, log cabins and other unusual options such as windmills, yurts, converted barns etc. attract some of the highest occupancy rates and therefore best potential investment yields of all holiday lets.

And the robust nature of log cabins means they are generally fairly resilient to the higher level of wear and tear typically seen in holiday lets where there tends to be more coming and going, people are perhaps a little less careful which walls they bump and often with more people in a smaller space than at home. A robust interior can reduce your cosmetic maintenance costs compared to a modern apartment with pristine white walls for example.