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Rental Yields

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Log Cabin Wealth Creation

The popularity in recent years of luxury log home holiday accommodation has increased dramatically on a global scale but particularly in the UK where the staycation boom continues seems to know no bounds, turbo boosted by Brexit and the infamous pandemic that shall not be named.

Millennials are driving the movement and the quirkier and more elaborate the offering the better. Travellers are looking for an experience, not just a facility.

On the same site, a handcrafted log home will generate more income than other, more conventional accommodation. It is the countryside equivalent to being the closest house to the beach.

British Log Cabins have built holiday accommodation on sites all around the UK, all of which report rental yields in excess of 20% and boast occupancy rates in some locations close to 100%.

Get in touch with British Log Cabins to put your hard earned cash to work for you in this exploding industry (joint venture opportunities welcome).

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